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Our Generationɾ܀Յၾ଺ʔΝdί࢕ኪഹਂ༟๕Ϋϗd່


̙͛˸ܘҞፄɝɽ࢕f ӊՑɨʹேࠅפᓃࣛගِ༪גɿձ༪ᖬdא݊Ҵڡൊeم ዓd३ഹձ؃ʾɓৎᔕഊ˗dٜՑϨ˥੽ቻყݴɨdЫٝ༸ ٙdʃ܀ɿఱ݊ࠅவᅵِྒl ݊ٙlவ݊Ңࡁٙ˰˾dவ݊Ңࡁ݂ٙԫf Ыਪdɾ܀ࡁᒔঐܣᅵҷᜊ˰ޢkՉྼdҢࡁʊ຾ίᅂᚤவ ࡈ˰ޢəlЇ׵ۃࠦᒔϞʡჿίഃഹҢࡁճkႭॆٙҢʔٝ ༸ਢdΪމҢࡁ͍ώഹҪ౥຅ɨdԮաତίٙӊɓՍl ༧ഹOGɾ܀ࡁɓৎڗɽd௴ிɓࡈᄳတʔɭٙ˰˾f OGɾ܀ࡁึᏍп΂ОცࠅᏍпٙɛl Ͼ˲dҢࡁɓ֛ਂ੻Ցl

THE POWER OF A GIRL. Every Our Generation doll or accessory you
buy gives a portion of sales to Free The Children’s Power of a Girl Initia-

world at tive. Find out how you and your proceeds over time are changing the
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