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Vest Friends Forever BD30018Z A girl can go her own way in this sweet look. Includes: 1 cute embroidery vest, 1 striped shirt, 1 pair of denim leggings and 1 pair of shoes. Doll sold separately. Bar Code: 0 62243 263703 Case Pack (pcs): 8 ЈᎩᇂ֗ Morning, Noon and Nighty BD30062Z ഃʔʿࠅЪࡈߕྫྷəl hွВ ɓࢁ h഑ˣ׮ቨ hʃሥ۹۹ 23

Good night, sleep tight!
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ಮग़ѱѿႅ ѱѿ ѱ ѱ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ ग़ Jeans Can Come True BD30020A8Z Ϟː̘ྼስd̮ۨІ್ڥ଻l hͣЍ5 TIJSU h෥ᓃ೵໽ hˬ˺Ѱд h۹۹ቨ hڀڀቻѰ 22

၃ۏ੾૳! A Taid Plaid BD30016Z ɨࡈ݋ಂʞࠅ̘ࡐ౱޶ɽ୉ᙒl ࡐ౱޶ɽ୉ᙒl hͣЍɪВ h഑ˣߠː 5HJXODU 2XWÎWV hࣸɿ໽ hʫภፇ hලЍ೵ཀྵ
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